Katherine Davis Cumberson to Jane Addams, June 22, 1922


P.O. Lower Lake, California


June 22, 1922.

My dear Miss Addams --

I have just finished your latest book "Peace and Bread in Time of War," and I want to tell you how I have appreciated every word you have written. You have expressed in such a wonderful way and in such simple beautiful language the experience I think every pacifist must have undergone [page 2] during the trying years of the war and those immediately following. But bitter as it was many times, I feel that we are all better and bigger for standing by our guns.

I did so regret that I was unable to remain in Washington for our meeting and the pleasure of seeing you again. I was fortunate in meeting many of our old friends back in N.Y. and Washington, among them Mrs. Mead who was down from Boston for a day. [page 3] I have quite recovered from my illness contracted in Phila, which kept me miserable for weeks.

I am putting all my energy behind out County Federation of Womens Clubs that I organized last year. I have here a splendid field for work, and it keeps me pretty busy.

I wish I might hope to see you in Calif. We need you here.

Mr. C. joins me in most cordial greeting,


Katherine Cumberson.