Philip Loring Gillett to Jane Addams, May 6, 1923


Nanking, China, May 6th 1923.

Miss Jane Addams,
Astor House,

My dear Miss Addams,

We have heard from Mr. David Z. T. Yui of your hope of seeing a little of Nanking and we respond most heartily to his suggestion that we attempt to facilitate your plans.

We suggest the following tentative program which is within our power to carry out because so many will be eager to avail themselves of this opportunity to meet and hear you. You will arrive in Nanking at 3:40 P.M. on Friday. We will meet you with a carriage and conduct you to my home where we hope to have a garden party on the lawn from 5:30 to 6:30. There you will meet the Foreigners and returned students from America and Europe.

On Saturday at 3 P.M. we plan for a mass meeting of the College and University students of the city at the central Lecture Hall of the city. Both men and women students admitted by ticket to this meeting. By interpretation.

At 8 P.M. Saturday we plan for an English speaking audience of Foreigners and Educated Chinese, to be held in Sage Memorial Chapel of the University of Nanking. [page 2]

Sunday at 3 P.M. a meeting of the Gentry and Merchants of the city may be called at the Young Men's Christian Association.

Sunday at 7:30 P.M. a group of the Returned students and Foreigners who are most intimately interested in the social problems of the day, will take a lap supper at the Community center and talk in an informal way with you regarding the things of mutual interest. In English.

Monday at 3 P.M. a meeting for women only may be arranged by the Young Women's Christian Association in conjunction with the Women's schools and colleges. By interpretation.

This will leave your mornings open for visiting the Women's Colleges and other institutions of interest to you, or for conversations and rest.

If this is not too heavy a program it seems to us you will find it satisfactory from the standpoint of bringing your valuable message to those who are best prepared to profit by it. Dinners and appointments at the Chapel services of various schools may be arranged as you wish.

My wife joins me in an earnest invitation to you to stop under our roof while you are here and we shall do all in our power to serve you and make you comfortable.

Kindly let me hear at the earliest possible moment if we may serve you in these particulars. Please send either a telegram or an express letter. We shall want to take steps to get the halls and arrange for invitations, etc, etc. We shall be careful to serve all interests in the city that we think you would wish us to.

Sincerely and Respectfully,

P. L. Gillett [signed]
General Secretary Y.M.C.A.