Jane Addams to Stephen Pierce Hayden Duggan, November 6, 1922



6 November 1922.

My dear Mr. Duggan:

I am sailing the 21st of November to attend a meeting at The Hague, the call to which I am enclosing. I interpret the words “New Peace” to mean thorough-going revision and reconstruction and hope very much that we may be of some use in merely formulating the situation.

I am disappointed that I have not received from Miss Balch a more definite proposition in relation to the international courses which we hope to establish in Geneva with the University of Geneva and the School of Philanthropy there. I am quite sure that if we go over with a little dowry in our hands, so to speak, the matter could be pulled off.

I may go to Geneva in December and at any rate will see our Executive Staff at The Hague. Would it be possible for me to appear before your Board when I sail in November and present our plan as it was worked out last summer and as it has developed since. I remember that it did not seem practicable to your committee last year but in making out your budget for the coming year possibly something for us could be included if I had a chance to convince the committee I have several good friends on the Administrative Board who might be inclined to give me a favorable hearing.

Hoping that I am not presuming upon your courtesy in thus pressing the matter, I am

Faithfully yours,

Mr. Stephan Duggan,
New York City.