Aletta Henriëtte Jacobs to Jane Addams, October 26, 1922


The Hague; Oct. 26th 1922.

My dear Miss Addams, Mrs. Ramondt urges me to send you a letter in which I pronounce my opinion on the importance of your coming here for the Confer. of Dec. 7-9. You will understand that the impression upon the public which that Congress shall make all depends upon your presence. It is not only you as the president of our Society League who finds the purpose of our Conf. important enough to come in number to Europe, but it is in the same time "you" who will bring other Amer. women to the understanding that they ought to come.

For a revision of the peace treaties, or as they in [Freiberg] called it "a new Peace", Europe needs the help of the U.S.A., and we must rouse the Americans for this purpose. You have a large group of Americans behind you, therefore you ought to come.

I used my influence upon Mrs. Catt and Mrs. McCormick to bring them here and if Mrs. Catt can change her passage to S. America I feel sure she will do it. You ought to preside the Conference and Mrs. Catt as the other important American woman ought to sit on the platform near you. As that can be fulfilled [page 2] we will have formed a power in the U.S.A.

If we wait with our claim for a revision of the Peace Treaties till next summer, Europe will be ruined in the meantime, the situation in Europe is much worse than a year ago.

I quite understand how difficult it is for you to cross the ocean in winter and to leave your work, but you can not do better work than to try to save Europe from ruin.

If you are coming, I hope you will do, tell me what you prefer; to stay in the same hotel where we will secure rooms for Mrs. Catt, or to stay with one of your friends in the a same room in Mrs. Palthe’s house, or another family.

I feel, you and Mrs. Catt ought to work together in the future for the same aim, Peace on earth.

With very kind greetings and hoping you are feeling well,

Aletta H. Jacobs. [signed]