Sidney Hillman to Jane Addams, June 14, 1922

Russian American Industrial Corporation

June 14, 1922.

Miss Jane Addams
Hull House
Chicago Illinois

My dear Miss Addams:

Doubtless you have read of our project for giving practical assistance to the economic regeneration of Russia, but I am taking the liberty of sending you further descriptive material about it.

This is an enterprise in which all of us here take an enthusiastic interest. We are deeply committed to it, and I can assure you not only that I believe it practically certain of success, but that no efforts are being spared to make it succeed.

If the plan interests you as I think it will, you may wish to assist us in putting it into effect. You are one of those whose influence would count greatly in putting the matter before the public in the right light. Will you not accept appointment on the Advisory Committee of the Corporation?

The tragic economic breakdown of Russia must be repaired soon or all of us will suffer. There have been too many words about this matter, and too little action. Here is an opportunity to act -- small, of course, in comparison with the need, but I think significant as an experiment that may indicate a remedy. May we count on your cooperation?

Yours faithfully,

Sidney Hillman [signed]

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