Henriette Margot Irmgard von Treuberg to Jane Addams, June 12, 1922


-- Vienna the 12 June --

Adr. to the care of
Dr. Scheu, [Rechtsanwalt] for Countess Treuberg.
Wien I. (Austria)
3 Opernring

Dear Miss Addams,

Being member of the League for peace and freedom I had the pleasure of meeting you last Summer at Vienna and at Salzburg. I would ask your counsel if you think that it could be advisable for me to [make] a conference tour in the [illegible] States?

I would like to talk about the subject most at my heart the conditions of Europe and peace after the splendid result of the Washington conference which was so well and efficiently prepared and carried out I would like it above everything.

I have been told that I [should] put myself in the hands of an agency. Would you advise me to do it? Would you be so kind and cooperate? Please excuse my troubling you about such a personal matter but you have been so very kind to me at Salzburg that I hope you won’t think it an impertinence my [illegible] consulting you.

Europe is in a very bad condition just now. Peace is threatened everywhere and a return to normal conditions seems a thing of the past. Not even to be hoped for. I would see a way to real freedom and peace and this is the reason I want to go the States. If I can explain it to the so generous and superior American public and convince it I am sure that my plan coming back over the Ocean will be ↑a↓ success.

I do hope that [your] health leaves nothing to be wished for and

I do remain
yours faithfully

[Hetta?] Countess Treuberg [signed]