Emily Greene Balch to Louie Bennett, October 7, 1922


Miss Jane Addams.


7th October 1922.

Dear Miss Bennett,

I enclose a copy of a letter from Miss Evans. It would seem to me that we ought to encourage the formation of an Irish group of the League in Belfast, without committing it or ourselves at present to anything as regards one League for All Ireland ultimately. Our Constitution provides that “any minority in a country which claims no status of a separate nationality may also form a National Section.”

It was under this clause that an Irish section was created while Ireland was still politically in its old status. I should like to have your opinion on this matter. I am sending a copy of this letter to Miss Evans.

I hope that you are better than you were and that poor much torn Ireland is in reality on the way to a happy future.

I am going away for some months, and during my absence, Miss Vilma Glücklich, President of our Hungarian section, will take my place. I hope that all the sections will give her the fullest measure of support.

Very cordially yours,