Theodore Roosevelt to Irving Fisher, May 8, 1907




May 8, 1907.

My dear Professor Fisher:

I sent you my public letter. I wish to put one proviso about its being used, however. I emphatically disapprove of a Cabinet officer being created at the head of a Department of Health, and I would not be willing to have my letter used create feeling for a new Cabinet officer to be at the head of a Department of Health. So please do not use my letter at all if your body conclude to agitate for a Department of Health. I believe that we could with advantage have a Bureau of Health, to be put under one of the existing Departments, but we need no additional Cabinet officers. On the contrary, they would be a disadvantage. While we do most urgently need a rearrangement of the bureaus and divisions of the present Cabinet, we also need to have every executive officer of the Government put under some Cabinet officer. I am utterly against the creation of any independent bureau not under a Cabinet officer.

Sincerely yours,

(Signed) Theodore Roosevelt

Professor Irving Fisher
President of the Committee of One Hundred
The New Willard