Irving Fisher to Committee of One Hundred, May 8, 1907


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appoimted by the chairman
of Section 1 of the
American Association for the Advancement of Science

To the members of the Committee of One Hundred:

I enclose copies of two letters received from President Roosevelt in regard to the work of the Committee of One Hundred. The first will have been made public before this letter reaches you; the second will explain that President Roosevelt has consented to the publication of the first letter only in consequence of the fact that the Executive Committee of the Committee of One Hundred decided not to agitate for a Department of Health requiring an additional Cabinet officer. President Roosevelt is definitely of the opinion that the number in the cabinet should not be enlarged, lest its function as an advisory body should be impaired. There was already a strong sentiment among the Committee of One Hundred that we ought not to try for a new Department, and after hearing the pro's and con's as fully as possible, the Executive Committee has unanimously decided to work for legislation as may be possible without increasing the number of Cabinet positions. Mr. George Shiras, 3d, is chairman of the Committee on Legislation, and definite bills will soon be prepared.

Inasmuch as it is important that the members of the Committee of One Hundred all work in harmony, I write this letter of information, with the request on behalf of the Executive Committee that the members of the Committee of One Hundred individually take pains hereafter not to use the word "Department" of Health in speaking of the goal of the movement for which the Committee exists.

Very sincerely yours,

Irving Fisher [signed]

P.S. I also enclose a statement containing the substance of a memorandum left with President Roosevelt with other documents, and on the basis of which his letter was written.