Rosika Schwimmer to Jane Addams, September 26, 1922


September 26, 1922.

Miss Jane [Addams],
Hull House,
800 S. Halsted,
Chicago, Illinois.

Dear Miss [Addams]:

In connection with our conversation about Norman Hapgood, I think it will interest you to see the correspondence I had with him. It will show that that the so-called decent man is just as unscrupulous as all the others who attack me without giving me a chance to prove the falsity of their assertions. If you know of any way in which to approach Mr. Hapgood, I would be much obliged if you would suggest it to me.  

The attacks of the Jewish press of the world are continuous and more and more vehement. The August number of a Swiss-Jewish magazine now even states that Ford is financing all the European anti-Semitic movements solely to get even with me. And the only redress against all that would be a libel suit which is something so expensive that I cannot dream of starting one. Now that the women have political rights it would be high time to start a movement for decent press laws which would give unjustly attacked people the means to defend themselves.

I hope you got a good summer’s rest. I am very happy to have my mother and sister here. Franzi has started quite nicely since a friends of ours [have] already introduced her to people who engaged her as a piano teacher.

You certainly know that Mrs. Catt is going to Europe. I had nice letters and cards from Lauenstein, Lugano and from Freiburg. I am so glad that Miss Glücklich is in the Geneva office. I hope she will check ↑shake↓ it up a little and make it somewhat livelier.

With best regards,

Cordially yours,

(Madam Rosika Schwimmer)