Yella Fuchs Hertzka to Jane Addams, July 3, 1922


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VIENNA, 3. VII. 1922.

Jane Addams


Dear Ms. Addams!

First and foremost, I must thank you today for the book "Peace and bread", which was [amicably?] sent to me. I read it with the [utmost] interest and I sincerely believe that it is an [exceptionally] good book. Will this book be [translated] into German?

As of today, I am asking you kindly to find out who the “American Welfare Association” is. I was sent $250 by the “[Remote Assistance] Red Cross” in the winter, without any message for what purpose and after waiting for weeks for a letter, I finally used the money in the following way. I would be grateful to you if you could find out who the money came from and deliver my letter to the association. Attached is the invoice.

Now there are many friends from America. I spent two wonderful days with Miss McDowell. She [sat] in the garden, just as you did last year, and enjoyed the roses. Oswald Villard, Vanderlip, Mrs. Gilsen from Boston, Miss Maryman from Boston, and many others brought me [greetings] from America. Now also 4 members of the Swedish league may be [welcomed]. We really needed our own League-Hotel here! [page 2]

I have not spoken to any of the members of the [Executive] Committee since the Congress. [Except] with Mrs. [Swanwick] I am not in written communication with anyone. I think this is such a pity!

We are currently somewhat having a rough time. The population is in a bad mood because of the fall of the crown. We are also concerned about the alliance of the Little Entente, which today is better off militarily and has more military spirit than the strongest Germany. We are preparing a lot of propaganda for July [292?]. I hope that Rev. John Haynes Holmes will be in Vienna that day to speak. Our league has [expanded] by [2?] groups, in Innsbruck and Graz, and also our committee in Vienna has been [expanded] with new employees. We have now formed an alliance with all peace associations in order to act jointly on certain occasions. How it will work is not yet [known]. In any case it is good to be in contact.

The latest German events, the assassination of Rathenau, provide little consolation for the future. But you nevertheless know that I am an optimist and in order not to lose this optimism, I have increased the number of my dogs to 10. Each has a different [personality], which I get into the habit of respecting in order to practice the recognition of individualities. 4 small pussy cats complete the menagerie in the Kaasgraben. In any case, they all help me to bear the unpleasantness of existence more easily. Mr. Hertzka and I think of you a lot and dearly greet you, as does my whole house and just hope that you will soon be sitting in the rose garden again!

In faithful friendship

Yella Hertzka [signed]