We find die wahren Opfer!, September 1922


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Who are the true victims?

We like to give room here to the cry of pain of a German woman in the cry of pain area. She turns to women all over the world to help us in the fight for truth, justice and freedom against the so-called Poincare’s warranties.

Shylock insisted on his bond when a woman intervened and saved Shylock from becoming a murderer. France insists on its appearance towards the German people, regardless of whether it is seeking the lives of millions of Germans. “There are 20 million Germans too many.” said Clemenceau. These 20 million will perish through drudgery, by practicing women’s work, by damaging their health. Whom is the Treaty of Versailles taking revenge on? Mainly on us women, who only through diligence and thriftiness can achieve a diminished standard of living for the family. We want to practice diligence and thriftiness, but only to the extent that our strength and viability allow. The demands placed on us, however, are so big that they exceed our strength, and so far despite all good will – to fulfil the word given by part of our people – we still have the right to reject exaggerated demands that threaten our lives and the lives of our families. With every new sanction our currency falls even more, and we can no longer buy enough food to keep us alive, despite the exertion of all our strength, despite the great diligence.

To have a pretense towards disarmament, the French always see an armed Germany, although we have handed in everything required. Now we are asking German women who should give us protection since our military power has been crushed? Are we not, then, the ones who need guarantees against an armed foreign army standing on the Rhine? Where are our guarantees against unjustified coercive measures? Have we not seen the arbitrary acts in Silesia and Poland? Who offers us protection against this? Since 1871 France has sown hatred against us Germans and preached revenge. Does it want to sow more and more hatred? Because it must inevitably come where such a compulsion is practiced. A man who is born free cannot bear compulsion, not even we German women.

No murderer may be sentenced to death or forced labor until the facts of the case are recorded to the best of knowledge and conscience and the truth is given honor to. Why does the world allow us to be condemned without a legal process to investigate the truth? Why are our opponents so anxiously closing their records? They know only too well who is responsible for the war. Poincare said recently in the French Chamber of Deputies: “Peace should not be dictated peace” – what mockery of the truth – “that is why we needed the German war debt as a moral basis!” The world has distanced itself so far away from the truth that the lie is elevated to morality. O heyday of decadence! Decline of the West! Is it supposed to come this far? It’s high time to stop rolling downwards, indeed it’s high time! Help you women! We Germans call upon all noble women all around the world to help us finally make the cover of lies, that has drawn a chain of enemies around us, fall. We have the evidence in our hands. Many documents that help the truth to break through have been published. But the violent politicians do not want to know about it. They would lose their good deal. And yet we must demand that the truth be brought to light, we must demand it for the sake of our honor, for our self-preservation, and we have a right to do so. Here, all women should stand together, that once the formal right taken away by the tyrant can only be justified if it is based on real morality, on a morality that can exist before God and our conscience. This means the battle of the truth against the lie, the battle of Christ against the Antichrist. The spreading of the truth will save the lives of [many?] millions of people, on the other hand it will save people who, in an insane blindness, seek their benefit while continuing to be guilty before God and the world, [page 2] from further guilt. May it serve as reassurance to our so-called creditors: we do not want to shake off all our liabilities. We want to help rebuild France, which has been devastated by the war, but as free people, who will be given back their property that has been illegally stolen from them. Only then can peace finally come, also for us.

The following books are particularly likely to contribute towards orientation for the truth: “England as Witness for Germany's Innocence in the World War” by Waldemar Schütze (Published by Hans Robert Engelmann: Berlin). This is the translation of a work which was to be published in English in May 1915 in [New York?] under the title: "England on the witness stood" whose publication has been prevented for understandable reasons. Lord [Northcliffe’s?] lying press was not prevented from being widespread all over the world. Another book is likely suitable to work against the myth of Germany’s guilt in the war. It is the book by T. [Palamenghi]-Crispi, recently published in Italian by publishing house Tiber in Rome: "Who is responsible for the war?", a political history approach. This book is an uncompromising, courageous, and honest defense against the lie of Versailles’s and the Treaty of Versailles’s guilt. The question is not: Who declared war? but: Who is responsible for the war? That is a question of formality. But that is what this is about. The author has endeavored to judge objectively and to strip the facts of any personal acuity. The result of the work is all the more valuable for us. Germany is not alone to blame for the outbreak of war, as imposed by the Treaty of Versailles. The verdict based on this conviction is not irrevocable, it must not be. The Treaty of Versailles must be revised, for it is an injustice. We women have a right to demand this revision and we ask all noble people: Help bring the truth to light.

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