Jane Addams to Dorothy North, March 18, 1922


Dear Dorothy North:

Vienna in the grip of winter was awfully well put and makes me more ashamed than before that I am in this halcyon spot while so much suffering goes on. I am trying to do my duty by Russia however, I have spoken long & oft -- to farmers and others and stop four times on my way home next week to try it on the south. People are ready to respond after you answer some of their [pat?] objections which are so suspicious in all parts of the country that the propaganda is evident. How glad I am that you are going after all -- it is almost the first thing that makes me thoroughly regretful for a [deportment north?] -- I should so like [illegible] [page 2] I have come down here for a two weeks visit with Mary Smith who has taken a house on her brother's golf course in the hopes of restoring from whooping cough, two little grand nieces. They were better but poor Mary herself has horrid asthma. I have brought Louise Hulbert with me, she is to be married in June and this is her last fling as a spinster. She always speaks of our mutual trip to Girard as the crowning point of her experience and this will now be added!

Your 25.00 a month has been of great use, I am keeping a careful account to submit to you and hope you will approve. The U.S.A. section is really looking up. The Chicago branch has never been so nice! What has happened to our report and has our money in the Vienna bank gone down to nothing at all?

I am quite homesick for you many times. I hope you will like the new book which I sent you -- always devotedly yours Jane Addams

[written on the top of page 1] [illegible words] Mary sends you [her] dearest love as does J. A. Please send our greetings to Dr Clark [& Mrs Pye]