Anne Henrietta Martin to Jane Addams, May 29, 1922




May 29, 1922

My dear Miss Addams:

I have long been meaning to write you and tell you how helpful the letters you gave me have been. Dr. Augspurg and Frl. Heymann and Gertrud Baer we saw much of in Munich, and had some illuminating talks with Dr. Salomon in Berlin. I was not in Italy or France long enough [to use] the Italian or French [page 2] letters you gave me -- but have seen Mrs. Swanwick here several times, and attended a [meeting] at International House. She is most active and is doing wonderful work. Miss Vernon and I thought the W.I.L.P. women the finest and most human and [foreseeing?] of any we have met. We loved Frl. Heymann and Dr. Augspurg -- and Dr. Salomon. You and your workers are indeed doing great things against war -- but the economic reasons for it always trouble me, and I wish I were able to put that side over, too.

Again thanking you, and hoping you are well,


Anne Martin [signed]

[written up left margin] Every one asks most earnestly about your health and your plans!