Statement on Presidency of the National Conference of Social Work, June 27, 1922


↑Chicago Daily News


Withdraws from Candidacy for President of Social Work.

Special to The Chicago Daily News.

Providence, R.I., June 27. -- Jane Addams of Hull House, Chicago, has telegraphed the nomination committee of the national conference of social work asking the withdrawal of her name as candidate for president of the conference.

"I have received a report of your nominating committee," said Miss Addams, "and while deeply appreciating the honor conferred by the committee I must beg to withdraw my name as a candidate.

"May I offer my hearty [cooperation] to the new president in any plan in which I may be of use?"

Miss Addams was one of the three named for the post. Her withdrawal means a sharp fight [tomorrow] between Homer Folks, secretary of the State Charities Association of New York, and Mary E. Richmond, director of the charity organization department of the Russell Sage Foundation.