Harriet Irene Dunlop Prenter to Emily Greene Balch, March 24, 1922


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Copy from letter from H. D. Prenter, Toronto, March 24, 1922.

Dear Miss Balch,

Your welcome note of 2nd, here in a good time -- I wrote at once to Mrs. Odell and do hope they will help, or rather that they succeed in getting the three speakers mentioned: we will do all possible to arrange two or three Canadian Meetings. And I enclosed samples of letter heads with the peace monument referred to, it is beautiful, but, already some of our Jewish people (and they are splendid women) are wishing it different, as you know, the Cross has been, to the Jews only a sign of horror and of unspeakable persecution. I did not join the Peace Union when we met at Niagara Falls last year, it is impossible for me to refuse to help any war, I will of course refuse all aid to any [capitalist] war, but one is too good an economist (though not so wonderful, at that) to ever dare to take such a pledge.

Besides, I am deep in the Labor Movement, a member of the “Workers Party of Canada”, a Communist, to the horror even of some of the W.I.L. group, and it was tragic to me, to see and hear those delightful women, at the Falls, passing their resolutions, and, apparently unconscious that they -- as a class -- mattered not at all, or at least, very slightly, and how they calmly ignored the great underlying economic reasons for all wars!!

Still the W.I.L. is valuable. Russia has shown that at least we may supply the necessary leaders, on occasion: by the way, why, so little mention of Russia, she is really all that is worth thinking or talking of just now.

Cordially always

(signed) H. D. Prenter.