Jane Addams to Anna Marcet Haldeman-Julius, June 26, 1922


June 26" 1922


My dear Marcet --

We are quite in a fever of preparation for the wedding but ↑and↓ we are still hoping that you may come. Esther says that she wrote to you some time ago urging the same.

Louise is a very pretty bride and quite charming in her delight as the packages arrive.

Half past two on Wednesday is an unearthly hour but we are all reconciled as it seems to fit in with their plans for motoring north. [page 2] Mary Smith & Mrs Bowen leave for Bar Harbor today, and I hope to go the second week in July. Are you coming to Cedarville this summer? Will you be there in Sept? It would be a lovely time for me ↑to see the family↓ as I am coming back early in Sept. to these parts.

How is the book coming on, do write me a one page letter giving me estimated dates before I leave. Hastily but always devotedly yours

Jane Addams