Viola Marple to Jane Addams, May 20, 1922

333 Summer Av
Newark, N.J.,
May 20, 1922.
Miss Jane Addams,
Hull House, Chicago.

Dear Madam,

Several years ago I wrote you in regard to leaving some money in my will to the International Peace League, perhaps $5000. A trust company are my executors. I intend to change my will this summer, and I wish to know if I have this matter all straight. I want to know the exact legal name and address of the headquarters of this Peace League, so there will be no hitch in their getting this money. Should I leave it in trust managed by my executors [page 2], or should I arrange to have the sum paid over to the League at the time of my death? Any legal details I should have to protect this legacy and make sure my wish is carried out exactly, please tell me and oblige.

Truly yours,

Viola Marple.

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