Emily Greene Balch to Yella Fuchs Hertzka, May 19, 1922

Frau Yella Hertzka,

May 19, 1922.

Dear Frau Hertzka,

Please find enclosed a check for two hundred dollars ($200) which at the present rate of exchange should cover the amount due for the bill of the Maas printing house. If there is any excess it can be credited to our Vienna account. If there is a deficit by any chance please let me know at once that I may make it good. We have had a gift of $100 which covers a full half of the sum still due. It is from a very rich Austrio-American, Frau [Woerishoffer].

As to Genoa -- what can I add to what the papers report? It was interesting to be there and in a way useful though all I did was to present to Lloyd George a memorial from our Hungarian Section with a covering letter from me (I send you copies herewith) to give an interview expressing the views and desires of our League to the Secolo which never published it and to talk to many journalists. Oh, yes, I had through Count Kessler an interview with State-Secretary Hirsch who gave me valuable data on the cost of occupation and commissions as compared with the amount paid in reparations. I hope to make good use of this material and should be glad if you could get for me in Vienna (from Herz?) the data as to the cost of Allied Commissions on Austria -- the amount [charged?] and the amount that has actually been paid.

Executive Committee Time and place not yet decided. I think certainly not at Varese. I should prefer it to be here the last of September and to have the League pay, for Executive Members: the cost of travel from the frontier of Switzerland to Geneva, the "frais de séjours" here for 10 days. I have written to Thora Daugaard to know what she can do as her presence is essential if we are to discuss a Congress in Copenhagen in 1923.

Do you think the fact that the [I.W.S.A.] is to meet in Rome in 1923 should make us alter our plan? Either postponing our Congress or meeting in Rome after the Suffrage Congress (in case this plan was also agreeable to them). It does not seem to me that their plan need affect ours. [page 2]

No More War Celebration As far as I know all our Sections who are taking part in this plan propose to celebrate July 29 as suggested. I think this is best. The working people do not go away "en villégiature".

Helping for Russia. This is very fine -- very fine and very touching -- that Austria can do so much.

News: There is some at least in the last Bulletin and we will have more for the June issue. What do you think as to the relative advantage of a printed issue in one language, such as we sent out in February and a multigraphed issue in 3 languages?

Irwin: the next war. We were informed that the right of translation into German had already been disposed of.

Do send us news of your meeting of May 12.

Yours always