Alice Thacher Post to Jane Addams, March 20, 1922


March 20, 1922.

Dear Miss Addams:

Thank you ever so much for “Peace and Bread.” It is a beautifully made book, and in these days of bad book-making, that is a very comfortable thing in itself. I am ever so glad to have it, and will read it all together now. I am glad to link up the different parts I have read with what I perceive I have not read. The title is just expressive of what the world needs. It was most kind of you to send it, but I feel that you ought not to have done it because you have so many to give to that your supplies cannot last always.

Because of the difficulty of getting all details [straight] it is not surprising that little errors crept in. I hope you have excused me for pointing out one that I thought you might have time to correct. In regard to the President’s utterances and their dates, of which you will often have to speak in the future, it is [page 2] impossible to remember them correctly, so I am taking the liberty of enclosing a pamphlet which I found of the greatest service during the late years of the War and the Armistice time. In it you will find the 14 Points, the 4 Points, and the 5 Points, with their explanations and dates. I carried one of these to [Zurich], and have given many away.

With Louis’s love as well as mine,

Faithfully yours,

Alice Thacher Post [signed]

↑Enclosure: Carl L. Becker, America's War Aims and Peace Program. See printed materials.↓

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