Emily Greene Balch to Jane Addams, March 14, 1922


In re Peace & Bread in Time of War

Dear Miss Addams

One thing more -- about your book, in Europe? Are you making any plans for having it come out in French and German. As to the latter it occurs to me that Frau Scheu-Riesz is a really good translator which is rare and I should think it likely she would love to do [page 2] it. Then there is the question of a publisher. If we could get it done in Austria it would help them & could be sold at a low price. #

As to French or other translations I have no definite suggestions but think it likely our Scandinavian section might like to undertake it.

# I was interrupted at this point and forgot to add. Suppose a Vienna publisher would be glad to undertake it on favorable terms but could not find the money for [advance?] [page 3] expenses should you think anything could be done in the direction of bearing the risk or supplying the cash for the preliminary cost?

One more question -- supposing ↑the↓ Tauchnitz Edition, which seems to be quite active & brings out quite nice little English texts [though] not so nice as "before [le wah?]" would like to make a German reprint in English? I suppose we could not stop them as I suppose the whole thing is piracy {This may not be now the case; they ↑their editions↓ are still not admissible to U.S. or G.B & Colonies, but they may have the right to continental, etc. [sale?] I can't Macmillan could doubtless tell you this}. The question is would you like to have the [check?] [illegible] continental English edition. It spreads the book's message but brings in no royalties -- unless the above bracketed supposition holds.

I am ever E G B

Mar 14/22

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