Jane Addams to Julia Clifford Lathrop, February 12, 1907

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My dear dear J. Lathrop

What "has possessed me" as we used to say in Cedarville not to write all these months, is more than I can tell. I know for one thing that it hasn't been for a lack of thought about you for you have been in my mind so often and with such a home sick longing to have you here, that it has seemed as if I must have been writing you.

I am sending you a copy of the book which I regard with mixed emotions -- one is [page 2] gratitude that it is out at last and the other regret that I didn't fuss with it longer -- at any rate it is a pleasure to send it to you with the certainty of friendly understanding.

It looks now as if half of the household were going abroad this Spring -- the Hamiltons whom you will see at once, Mr Le Moyne who starts for the Italian villas in two weeks, the Von Borosinis [etc] I am sure you will see them all and I will confess  that I am at moments [page 3] homesick for Italy myself -- but that is due to reactions against the school board. The old thing is going on a little more smoothly but it has been, Oh so unsatisfactory!

I am much obliged for the suffrage clippings -- they made the situation much clearer. The National Ass'n meets in Chicago next week. Sister Kelley is said to be the logical candidate for the Pres't and the strongest in the field.

The new Boy's Club is a charmer, how many things we will have [page 4] if Mrs Bowen keeps on! She is indefatigable. We talk about you long and often, you must know how much she admires and cares for you.

I am going out to Rockford next month to speak to a Men's Club in which your brother is interested -- perhaps I can become reconciled to the College, I have been made to feel that such a [illegible] duty is expected from me. 

Dear Lady, so forgive me for not writing and believe always and forever devotedly yours J. Addams 


Please read and throw away the book, don't lug it around.