Zona Gale to Jane Addams, February 1922


Dear Miss Addams: --

It was beautiful to have that night at Hull House, and the morning with you. I brought it away with me, as I knew that I would when I concluded that, though you would have a thousand things to do on your return, I had to see you again. I hope that I did not too much interfere -- and I thank you for that lovely hospitality. But oh, from now on -- let's be professional, when I come!

Thank you for the two magazines -- I cannot but believe that greatest of all the many great things you have done is this standing straight against "collective lunacy." The "Psychology and Mysticism" article in the January 18 New Republic states it. Perhaps it will be that all this will come to us when it has time to ripen -- but it can't ripen until it is planted and you went a long way to the planting. You said you didn't know what you would do again -- but I do; I mean I know what you would do.

Isn't this suggestion, enclosed -- which you may have seen sent out by the Associated Press yesterday -- isn't it tremendous? Can you not see them, sailing away through the [canal], and then being scrapped, I mean sunk, in mid-Pacific -- to a great ceremony, held simultaneously in all nations no matter at what hour the great hour fell? There would be a naval holiday! And a great positive for the people to thrill to. Give them a chance at a referendum on that and I believe there would be no doubt about them. I don't know but all the chemists should be sunk too, but perhaps the sinking of the ships would give such an impetus, such an advertisement to the idea that then the ripening could go its own way.

Well -- my love to you, always and always.

Zona Gale [signed]

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