Ellen Gates Starr to Helena S. Dudley, March 3, 1922


Mar 3, 1922.

Dear Helena.

The news of Miss Mackintosh's death has just come to me from Vida. Nobody had told me. Of course I should have written to you, to tell you that I understand perfectly that it is an irreparable loss. At our age nothing can ever make up for the loss of a friend of such tried ↑& intimate↓ standing. Religion and belief in the communion of saints can console us. That is all. [page 2]

If Mrs. Lillie should be taken away from me I should expect to go on with all that tract of my life vacant, -- except as God filled it with Himself. And so, of course, must it be with you. But I am glad you have so many good friends who love you. And it is consoling to know that you are going to live with some of them and not [page 3] with strangers. I feel very tenderly for you. God bless you; and sometimes say a prayer for your devoted

Ellen Starr

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