Jane Addams to Paul Underwood Kellogg, January 6, 1922


6 January 1922.

My dear Mr. Kellogg: --

I have made the changes in the enclosed chapter which I put into the proof. I am sure you would do the cutting down better because you know exactly what you had in mind when you asked for that chapter.

When I said "my own hateful reactions" I meant it quite seriously. I was trying to describe what I felt at the moment concerning Mr. Wilson and Mr. Baker not what their motives may have been. I hope the changes have made this much clearer that the experiences were subjective.

It was too late to do anything with the preface which had already been put into pages but I have incorporated most of your suggestions.

I enjoyed Mr. Lasker's article very much in the last Survey. [Gertrud] Baer, the young secretary of our German Branch, gave one of the most inspiring lectures in the movement of youth at our summer school at Salzburg which I have ever heard.

↑Hastily yours↓

Jane Addams [signed]

↑The Xtan Century has two articles, quite [enough?] I think!↓