Emily Greene Balch to Jane Addams, January 4, 1922

Geneva, 6 rue du vieux collège

Geneva, January 4, 1922.

The Women's International League for Peace and Freedom is looking for someone to succeed Miss Thornton as Head of the Maison International at Geneva. Miss Thornton purposes to leave April first.

The house is used for the offices of the League, but contains besides 8 bedrooms (besides the maids') which are let either to members of the bureau or to persons coming to Geneva for a longer or shorter time. In general rooms are not pre-engaged for more than one month at a time to a given person.

Breakfast and a simple dinner at seven o'clock are furnished. A maid lives in the house and does the housework, including care of the central heating.

The head of the house acts as hostess, corresponds with persons enquiring about rooms, keeps the accounts of the house hold and runs the house.

Experience in housekeeping, if possible of European housekeeping, the keeping of simple accounts, (knowledge of French and German also) and a truly international hospitable spirit are required.

Miss Thornton was able not only to give her time but to furnish her room and pay rent for it. It has been an enormous help to us in every way.

We cannot hope and perhaps ought not to wish to make any such arrangement with her successor. We should be glad to find someone who would come au pair, giving her services in return for board and lodging. The advantages of Geneva, the opportunity to perfect a knowledge of French, the opportunity to meet interesting people of all countries, the opportunities for study and above all the opportunity to help the cause of internationalism in general and of our League in Particular are all to be counted on in the credit side.

Correspondence should be addressed to Miss E. G. Balch, Secretary.

Maison Internationale, 6 rue du veiux collège
Geneva, Switzerland.

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