Vilma Glücklich to Emily Greene Balch, January 28, 1922


Copy from Letter from Vilma Glücklich, January 28, 1922.

Dear Miss Balch,

Welcome in our large family again! I am glad to know you nearer and to see Mlle. Gobat free of the heavy responsibility of leading the whole office work alone.

As to my expenses, they were a gain for me: I bought some objects I badly needed and had I bought them later, they would have been much more expensive. It will last some time till I have paid them all, but my creditors are used to be patient. And then I have the poor pleasure at least to say: "Now I shall wear the Geneva dress, or hat, or something else." You see, how modest I have become regarding pleasures.

This week, my disciplinary trial begun; on three days the teachers of one school -- where I taught during the commune -- came as witnesses. They have heard me say things I never can have said; it secure to me, that they are under the influence of the suggestive force that worked immediately after the commune, because they had then given already their testimony and now they must stick to it and if they say something very [unfavorable], they are taken in oath. So the result is not difficult to be foreseen, although it will still last a good time. Should it turn to the wrong, I shall try to call on Yella Hertzka, and look from there after some occupation. I have ordered [today] a new photograph for the purpose.

I am very quiet, almost as if it were not my own affair; as if some spell had thrown me away of my former vocation and had put me into a quite unknown world. I am very much interested in the Congress for Moral Education and if there will be a possibility, I shall surely take part; unfortunately, I see no possibility yet.

As to the Summer School, we shall try to contribute some ideas if we can contribute nothing else.

I am sorry to tell you that poor Rowena has lost her father; I do not know, if you have met her in America; she is told not to be in very good health.

With the heartiest greetings to you and all those who are helping you

very sincerely Yours Vilma.