Alice Thacher Post to Jane Addams,January 2, 1922


International Committee of Women for Permanent Peace

The Section for the United States of America
The Woman's Peace Party
Office: 116 South Michigan Avenue
Chicago, Illinois

2513 Twelfth Street, Washington.
Jan. 2, 1922.

Dear Miss Addams:

I am very glad you sent the same set of clippings to Mrs. Odell, and I am sorry the hear that you have not heard from her in reply. Mrs. Mead reported that they said she had gone to bed immediately after the Conference and Mass meeting. She may have been ill from the strain and extra work. If you do hear from her I would be very grateful if you would let me know.

I don't imagine that Mr. Odell is a regular "publicity agent," but he is a newspaper correspondent, or was. Before the War, and during the early part of the War, he was the Washington correspondent of the New York Evening Mail, and before we went into the War went to Berlin for them.

I do not think Mrs. Odell has any ↑possible↓ reason to be offended with you for objecting to the reports that got out.

I think you are right, that I should not say anything to her until I can do so informally. And when I do say anything it will only have reference as to whether anything has been done to disavow the reports which some reporter has attributed to Headquarters, and which in the nature of the case could not have gone out from Headquarters.

If we do not know of any disavowals, and especially if you do not hear anything from her in regard to the difficult position that you as international President have been put in, I think we will have to consider seriously what can be done to put the organization on some different basis at the time of our Annual Meeting. I am not belligerent about it, and if it were only a local affair I would let it go. But we have an international affiliation that ought not to be scrapped, and that is not adequately supported in this country at present.

We both send the most affectionate greetings for the New Year.

↑It is certainly you who have been good to me, if not I to you. To have known & worked with you is one of my precious possessions.

With love,↓

Alice Thacher Post [signed]