Arthur Piper Kellogg to Paul Underwood Kellogg, December 3, 1921

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December 3, 1921


I went to see Mr. Latham to get the exact publication date of Miss Addams' book and to see what would be possible for us in the way of articles before the book was actually on the market. I told him that before we had received the manuscript and Miss Addams letter saying that the book was to be published in January, we had supposed that, having missed the fall and Christmas season, the book would be a spring book and we would be able to bring out four or five articles before the book appeared. I understood from Miss Addams, however, that the publication date was to be January.

Mr. Latham, at the beginning of the conversation stated that the publication date would not be in January as the manuscript had not arrived in time for January publication; that he expected it would be a February book. I asked him as to what time in February and he said probably late in the month. I explained to him that this meant that we could publish three installments in our January, February and March issues, as the March issue would come out the last week in February and if the book came out the same week, the two would rather help each other.

Mr. Latham was eager to have advance publication of articles in The Survey in the belief that it would help the sale of the book.

We talked for some time about various things including advertising and two books which he wished us to include in our Christmas clubbing offer.

At the very end of the conversation he came back to Miss Addams' book and volunteered to set the publication of the book over to March 21, a delay of thirty days, for the reason that this would give us a fourth article which would be out on March 26. He felt strongly that Survey publication would be a real factor in the sale of the book and the proposed postponement of the publication date of the book until March 21 was entirely on his initiative and not at our request. I made no request to him at any time during the conversation to postpone the date. My only suggestion as to date was that if the book was coming out in a given month, publication the last week of that month gave us an additional chapter, as our Graphic goes to press the last week of the month.

I have just had Mr. Latham on the telephone, making clear that we don't want the book held up a day on our account. He tells me that in view of Miss Addams' feelings, he will do his best to "jam the book through in late January".