Mass Meeting Demands All Nations in Alliance, 1921


Mass Meeting Demands All Nations in Alliance

Stirred by the resolutions which condemned a four-power alliance and demanding that the United States should not be a party to any alliance that did not include all the nations of the world, several hundred men and women who had been attending yesterday a disarmament mass meeting at new Masonic temple auditorium took the banners which had been used as decorations, and marched to the Pan American building and planted same there as a protest against the action of the conference.

The meeting was held under the auspices of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, with Miss Jane Addams, of Chicago, presiding, and it was addressed by speakers from many countries, including Nyok Zoe Dong, a Chinese student and Miss Garja Barish, a Russian refugee. Mme. Inouye of Japan who came to this country bearing a petition from Japanese women was also one of the speakers.

The appeal which stirred the mass meeting to demonstrate their disapproval of the four-power alliance before the Pan American building was made by the Rev. Margaret [Crook], a professor at Wellesley college.

The parade was led by a group of girls from Western High school bearing banners and torches alternating.