Jane Addams to Catherine Elizabeth Marshall, December 2, 1921


2 December 1921.

My dear Miss Marshall: --

I was delighted to cable "Yes" at once in reply to your letter of October 9th, and while I find it hard to recover from my disappointment that the League of Nations turned down Mr. Nansen's proposition, I am glad to know that the Committee Mixt is still functioning so well.

I suppose that by this time you are back from London. I am very eager to know how you got on with your friend Lloyd George. I hope that I may see him in Washington. We are planning to have a public meeting there on Sunday, December 11th. We have moved our national office to Washington to be there at least during the meetings of the Conference.

I was very much interested in what you wrote about the reception at the Maison Internationale and am always glad to hear that it is being used in that way. We will send you something later from the American Section to take care of our obligations to Dr. Nansen. It will be a little easier to raise it after the first of the year, and perhaps we will have another letter from you about it by that time, giving us more details as to what you have.

I infer that [Vilma] Gl├╝cklich has not been able to come to Geneva. Miss Balch must arrange that she is [reimbursed] for the money she spent in her preparation, but it must be very hard for the rest of you to carry on the office without her help.

I am going to write you a longer letter after the Conference at Washington, but am sending this now with all the good wishes which the month of December suggests, and with appreciation for the very large services that you are constantly rendering the League.

Affectionately yours,

Jane Addams. [signed]