Edgar Park to John Joseph Pershing, November 28, 1921




November 28, 1921.


General John J. Pershing,
Committee on Land Armament,
Advisory Committee to the American Delegation Conference on Limitation of Armament,
Washington, D.C.


I submit the following plan related to armament control, which I hope deserves the consideration of the conference:

The people of every nation are convinced that the private development and manufacture of [munitions] of war is extravagant, inefficient and improper; that it acts as an incentive to war and constitutes a perpetual pro-war influence.

The cause of [peace?], reduced expenditures, and maximum efficiency suggest the concentration of the manufacture, inventions, and development of all devices or agencies, explosive, aerial, mechanical, chemical or otherwise, for use in war, under an International Agreement:

Every nation desiring to participate, to be represented in proportion to its population, or an International Committee:

Each subscribing Government to commit itself to making the private or secret invention, development, or manufacture of munitions of war, illegal and punishable by the maximum penalty of each Government's criminal code; and a provision under which it would be compulsory for individuals or corporations to submit to the proper national authority representing the International Committee, any such devices, agencies, etc., as planned or invented.

The selection by the International Committee of the most desirable locality or localities, which, when chosen should become neutral territory, for the development and manufacture of munitions:

The International Committee to be authorized to determine the desirability as to type, design, and quantity of munitions to be manufactured, the program of operations with budget to be duly submitted to the participating Governments:

The cost of the operations to be met by appropriations from the participating Governments, each in proportion to its population:

The International Committee to allot arms to the participating Governments for the maintenance of law and suppression of internal disorder guided by the estimates of the participants:

In the event of war, munitions to be distributed by the International Committee to the nations involved in proportion to their percentage of interest in the International plan.

Yours truly,


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