Sarolta Karolina Zichy to Jane Addams, May 16, 1921


Bpest 1921. V. 16.

Dear Miss [Addams]

I heard from Mrs [Peleyni] that you are coming to Europe and I am rather late in sending you this letter and have to send it to Vienna.

I am not in Cífer at present but in Bpest where I had the severe grief of losing my only brother whom you will remember.

I am here since the death of my brother suffering and heartbroken but I am looking forward to the pleasure of meeting you here in Bpest [Szentkirályi utca?] no. 32.

With kind regards

Cordially yours

Sarolta Zichy [page 3]

Miss Addams [page 4]

[Utca?] 32

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