Fridtjof Nansen to Catherine Elizabeth Marshall, September 29, 1921


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International Committee for Relief to Russia.

High Commission of Professor F. Nansen.

Geneva on September 29, 1921.

Dear Miss Marshall,

By acknowledging receipt of your letter of September 27 and the check for frs, 500.- which it contained, representing your kind contribution to my administrative costs for the months of September and October, I would like to thank you again once for the support that the International League of Women for Peace and Freedom is willing to give to the work we are pursuing in favor of the hungry in Russia.

As my assistant, Mr Frick, told you, I would be happy if the direct contributions from your Society go to the relief funds of the Society of Friends or the International Union for the Relief of Children, these two organizations being very active and having already obtained magnificent results around them and in the field of their activity in Russia.

We will be sure to keep you updated on our information system (newsletter or press releases) as it develops. I am therefore counting on you, dear Miss Marshall, and on all the members of your society to take an active part in the propaganda campaign which must be carried out to refute so many errors of fact and principle introduced in the press and in the world. minds of the public by people whose interests are narrowly political or whose hearts are too small to sympathize with the terrible misery that we are trying to alleviate.

Believe, dear Miss Marshall, my best regards.

High Commissioner.

(Signed) Fridjof Nansen.