Emily Greene Balch to Jane Addams, November 28, 1921


Nov. 28/21


Dear Miss Addams

Helen Cheever is just sending you 100 copies of a statement about the W.I.L.P.F. we had printed here (the Geneva one shortened and brought up to date). Does this meet your idea? If not I will write one more historical. You can order more of this if the one we have had printed, if you like.

I am pleased to find Mr. Filene is taking up the matter of Austrian credits. He has put a young man (who [page 2] seems neither very competent nor much interested) on the job, and is trying to get resolutions passed by women's organizations. I enclose a draft I have prepared for him of a circular, to go with the Resolutions, to explain the situation. The part that Congress has adjourned without -- as I suppose at least -- doing anything in the matter is very bad.

I am going off for the 13-14 days with my sister Anne to Lakewood N.J. (Care Misses Burke, Ber "The Berkshire in the Pines," Lakewood) and shall join you in N.Y.C. or in Washington from there whenever you want me. [page 3]

Your reply about my economic conference idea seems to me just right. I am writing to Mrs. Odell and Mrs. Kelley.

Do you know a Mr. James of Marshall Fields just returned and speaking (as appears from the papers) quite interestingly on the European economic situation. Vanderlip is also back. The papers I see are [selling] ↑attacking↓ his plan of an international bank.

Please do not forget that I want some of the new headed stationary, if I may have it. [page 4]

I am feeling much better and think my slumpiness may have been [more] due to the teeth I had taken out (5) and less to general conditions than I supposed. I hope so.

I think I told you that I am to have engaged passage for Jan 7 on the S.S. Touraine and written to ask Mrs Duchêne if she wants me to speak in France en route. Now Pres. Thomas writes me asking me to speak at Bryn Mawr Jan 6 or 7, 17 or later. I am trying to see what I can do as I should be glad to speak there of course. [page 5]

In re Mrs Thomas' prize offer.

I am sending her a check for $50. It does seem the only way to meet the situation.

This letter has been written with various interruptions and there is more I ought to [cover] but I will not hold this longer.

Yours always affectionately

Emily G Balch.

I will mail my draft circular in Austrian credits and th pr a copy of the leaflet in question as [very personally] what you want in another envelope.