Henrietta Octavia Rowland Barnett to Jane Addams, November 2, 1921


November 2nd, 1921.


Will you excuse me writing by type, but I am very wishful you should have this letter without delay, and I am still more or less crippled with my knee, and delayed by its pain and crippledom from catching up on my work.

But I will write you a nice chat as soon as I can.

Miss Stevenson is the Prime Minister's Secretary. I do not [know] her excepting by letter and through telephone, but I am told that she is a woman of character [page 2] and attainment, and has a remarkable influence over that erratic and unstable man, the Prime Minister.

I think it is very important you should see Miss Stevenson, and I accordingly wrote and told her so. She writes that she would be delighted to make your acquaintance, as she has often heard of you, and she asks me to ask you to be so good as to call on her while she is at Washington.

I have no doubt you will be at Washington sometime during the Conference, for indeed it is a matter when your gentle but strong influence should be additionally ↑continuously↓ felt.

I enclose you a little note because it is easier to present introductions, but you will of course, have many opportunities to meet Miss Stevenson, as well as the Prime Minister. [page 3]

Still believing in woman, as I do, I think it important however well you get to know Lloyd George, you should still see his Secretary.

↑The Comtee for the International Conference has met twice & is full of plans & intentions. Of them I will write to you & Mr. Kennedy as soon as I am less hurried.

Yours with dear devotion & gratitude↓

H O Barnett [signed]