Marguerite Gobat to Jane Addams, October 26, 1921 Also known as: Marguerite Gobat to Women's International League for Peace and Freedom Members and Sections, October 26, 1921


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Geneva, 6 rue du vieux college

Circular letter to Executive Committee & Consultative Members (A) [Circular letter] to Secretaries of National Sections (B)

Series of 1921

October 26, 1921

Dear Madam,

We just received the following message from Miss Balch, “Try to get Disarmament messages cabled per address [DREMARI], NEW YORK, for use meetings here - Balch”.

Do you want to act in this direction without delay, concentrate all your efforts on this action so essential for our League and join forces with those of other organizations, to be able to send a wish or a resolution taken in disarmament? General at DREMARI, New York, which is the address of the Washington Conference.

I remind you that our campaign for disarmament begins on November 4 and that the official Washington Conference on Disarmament opens on November 11.

Your devoted

(signed) Marguerite Gobat

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