Diana Agabeg Apcar to Jane Addams, August 14, 1921

219B Bluff Yokohoma
August 14th 1921
Miss Jane Addams
Hull House -- Chicago.

Dear Madam

I have read in the newspapers that you will represent the Women's International League at the Washington Conference and I am writing to ask that you will be graciously pleased to remember the Christian girls and children now held in vile Turkish slavery and present their pitiful case for hearing at the Conference.

According to the Near East Relief Committee estimate there are at present about seventy thousand Armenian girls in Moslem slavery and undoubtedly there must be Christian Greek and Assyrian girls also, but of course the heaviest toll has been exacted from the Armenians. Added to these unfortunate girls, are the thousands and tens of thousands of children torn from their mothers and forcibly Islamized. It is heartbreaking to reflect on their fate.

Dear Madam if you can do anything towards the release of these girls and children, you will have accomplished a great act of benevolence.

Yours very truly

Diana Agabeg Apcar.