Ellen Wayles Coolidge to Jane Addams, August 9, 1921

August 9th 1921
65 rue des Saints-Pères

Dear Miss Addams,

Every one is dreadfully sorry you are not to be in England before returning home. It is going to need some hard thinking to work out a democratic plan to keep the social [centers] here working together & with other nations. The Americans are responsible for a number of them (in the devastated regions etc) and if they are not kept in the line of progress a great opportunity will be lost.

Respectfully yours,

Ellen Coolidge

P.S. Olivia James writes me your congresses ↑[etc?]↓ have been thrilling. I am writing her to your hotel [written in right margin] since she gives me no address that may reach her. [page 2]

Miss Jane Addams
Hotel Bristol.

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