Lida Gustava Heymann to Jane Addams, August 8, 1921


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MUNICH, August 8, 1921

Dear Jane Addams !

As you ↑perhaps↓ may remember, I had the intention to come to Salzburg [illegible word] to take part in the summer school. But the Vienna Congress disappointed me so much that I abandoned my plan. My resilience was almost gone, and I couldn’t have accomplished much in Salzburg under such circumstances. I could quite possibly be absent since Germany was well represented through Ms. [Perlen?] and Ms. Baer and it is not necessary for all of us to always be there.

As I hear from Ms. Baer you are not coming to Germany and so I would like to say goodbye to you in this way, something I unfortunately can no longer do in person.

I have just sent Miss [Marshall?] on her way to Geneva, the things here have been neatly [organized?], but she herself was really miserable and down.

We here in Germany will do our best to work hard for our cause, so it will happen in all other countries and so we want [illegible words], that the next congress is a greater success than the last one.

Kind regards from Dr. Augspurg and me


Lida Gustava Heymann [signed]