Henrietta Octavia Rowland Barnett to Jane Addams, August 2, 1921


August 2nd, 1921.

↑Miss Jane Addams↓

My dear Friend,

Your telegram was a very great disappointment to me, and as I had no address I was not able to reply. But now has come your letter and also one from Miss Coolidge.

Your letter gives hope that you will be in England for a week or at least some days before September 21st. This is indeed good news, and I might as well tell you at once that nothing will prevent me arranging my plans so that I should see you.

I also think you ought to see Toynbee Hall, or rather the people who are working [page 2] it with fresh impetus and force.

I shall have an immense deal I want to talk to you about, and what you can teach me about Europe I shall believe, which is what I do not always do when other people try and inform me on the complicated European conditions.

I should also like you to meet some people who are really influential in guiding public opinion, but as most of them will be out of town, it will mean arranging. Therefore, please dear friend, let me know as soon as possible your dates for arriving in England. I will write again to Geneva.

And I am then and always,

Yours with deep affection,