Anna Garlin Spencer to Jane Addams, May 5, 1921


My Dear Miss Addams

I have your letter. By all means try yourself to get at the Carnegie people. I have tried and failed at every point. I think perhaps my appeal for them to take up the disarmament fight may have made it more difficult for them to help me to get you a hearing. At any rate I think you should write them directly and if you can get any one with an influence behind Dr Butler that would help.

They may have "made appropriations" but they have so much money they could add a mite for us.

It is a shame the way foundations act!

I feel distressed with you about the slowness of returns for appeals for W.I.L.P.F. I have but four women with large amounts of money of whom I can beg for causes. One of these has tied herself up to a big project in another direction and will not give a cent. Another feels that we have all acted so badly in not trying to get our government to ratify the Covenant and go in and work with the rest of the world that she will not give at all to anything we have in hand. A third is too ill just now to be disturbed by appeals and the fourth is "so tired of drives" that she has started on a trip around the world.

So you see. If only I could give myself, but I can't.

It is too bad that you have all this trouble. I have one other idea which I will try to work but I fear too much to tell you what it is unless I do succeed. I think of all ways but have a very poor way to help just now. The women of the Ethical Society would have given in small amounts what might have made a help in total but for the "drive" on just now for big endowment of the Ethical Society work in honor of Dr Adlers 70th Birthday. I have a 70th Birthday too this year but no one is out for a "drive" to give you money for the W.I.L.P.F. in my honor, alas!

Be sure you should profit by it, dear lady, if there were such an unlikely thing doing.

↑Yours sincerely↓

Anna Garlin Spencer [signed]

↑May 5, 1921.↓