Jacob Gould Schurman to Jane Addams, April 8, 1921




April 8, 1921

↑Rm. 610↓

Miss Jane Addams
Hull House
Chicago, Illinois

My dear Miss Addams:

On behalf of the Committee on American Japanese Relations I have the honor of inviting you to become one of our Honorary Members.

The initiative in the formation of this Committee was taken by the Federal Council of the Churches of Christ in America, and members of that organization and of many other organizations, both religious and secular, are already embraced in its membership, which it is desired to make broadly representative of the American people.

The objects and purposes of this Committee are set forth in the accompanying Statement (see page 3) [see platform enclosure].

While the members of this Committee are a unit in the maintenance of American rights and interests, they deplore the misrepresentations, misunderstanding and unnecessary causes of irritation which have arisen both in the United States and Japan, and they deprecate the rising tide of war-talk to which writers and speakers in both countries are at the present time so unhappily contributing. It is the hope of the Committee to counteract, to some extent at least, these dangerous tendencies by an impartial presentation of the facts to the American people.

We earnestly hope that we may have the benefit of your cooperation. You incur no financial obligation in accepting this invitation. The Committee is organized in such a way that it will be unnecessary to make any considerable draft upon your time. What we desire especially is your approval of our principles and program and the use of your name in commending them to the American public.

Very sincerely yours,

Jacob Gould Schurman [signed]