Albert De Silver to American Civil Liberties Union Members, February 15, 1921


February 15, 1921.

The well-known Chicago I.W.W. case is fast approaching the last stage. An application will be made in a few days to the United States Supreme Court to issue a writ of certiorari and to take the case under consideration. It will be the defendants' last day in court.

It has been thought that it will be serviceable to insert the enclosed advertisement in various magazines and periodicals, if it can be signed by as many of those whose names are appended thereto as are willing to consent to such use of their names.

Copy for the advertisement must be in final form by noon on Friday, February 18th. If you are willing to have your name used as one of the signers, will you be good [enough] to wire your consent at our expense. No financial responsibility will attach to those who sign the advertisement.

Sincerely yours,