Survey Associates, Inc. Subscription Receipt, December 1920

112 East 19th Street, New York City

(a) I enclose $10 in renewal of my [Cooperating] Subscription to Survey Associates, for the current year; or

(b) I shall renew my $10 [Cooperating] Subscription in ↑Dec. 1920↓ one year from the date of my last payment.

Name ↑Miss Jane Addams

Hull House

Chicago, Ill.↓

Note:-  -A $10 [Cooperating] Subscription covers the regular $5 subscription, plus a contribution to the educational and field work of the magazine and National Council. It makes such a subscriber eligible for election as a Survey Associate for the current year, but creates no other financial liability, nor promise of renewal another year.

(The fiscal year ends September 30)

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