Emma Boos-Jegher to Jane Addams, January 14, 1921


Zurich 7. Eierbrecht 34. 14. I. 1921

[Miss] Jane [Addams], President of the Womens Intern. League for Peace and Freedom.

Dear [Miss Addams],

I am sure you do not remember me nor my name -- but if all the same -- I write you, it is because the reason that makes me do it is one, that concerns "Peace" in a most intense way: it is the question of the occupation of a part of Germany by [colored troops]. The articles I include are some of the numerous protests that reach us, -- although a strict censure makes a real communication impossible. -- It is no doubt, that this occupation -- felt as a deadly insult by the population -- is and will be a cause of hatred, more than any other one; more than the infamous blockade, prolonged after the war, starving thousands of innocents, ruining the health & life of the coming [generation] and, in consequence, it must [unfailingly] form the germ of a new war.

Dear [Miss Addams], -- we, European women, can "protest" -- of course, but who cares for that? We have no possibility to force those, who now have the power, to hear our voices. There is only one country in the world, that has this possibility, -- it is yours; and that for several reasons

1) because in America women have the right of suffrage and, -- in great [part] are ripe to use it.

2) because you are not yet members of the "League of Nations", -- and, [illegible] your joining it [being] considered by the whole world as an absolute necessity for its existence -- you have the might and the possibility to make yourself heard.

So I transmit you the very intense prayer to take it into your hands and into your serious consideration to help in this dreadful question. I am sure you have received this prayer also other sides, -- and I know that I am speaking also in the name of many of my country, who also suffer the more intensely, as they are so deeply impotent to do anything themselves! May our prayer confirm you in your work, if you have [page 2] already begun it! And may you succeed, -- so that our children may be spared such horrors as we have to pass through!

God bless you for what you will try to do in this thing!

21. I. 21. I just intended to send the letter away, when I was called to the deathbed of a dearly beloved son-in law; therefore the long interruption.

I must add still, that a great Zurich Womens [Organization] (Frauen-Zentrale)* sent to the Secretary of the "League" Mr. Eric Drummond -- a petition about this subject; the only answer was, -- that "the letter had arrived well --" During the Session, the thing was not mentioned, as much as we know.

And now, the newspapers bring the information, that in early spring the African [Troops] (black men) shall come again into the [Palatinate] from where they were removed for the wintertime!!

With hearty greetings

yours very truly

Emma Boos-Jegher [signed]

↑* with 12 other societies.↓

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