Emily Greene Balch to Unknown, August 6, 1920


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Please express your sympathies to me because of the judgments I have made on the attitude of the International Peace Bureau during the war. The defection of the pacifists is a great subject of [sadness]. It has exceeded all of my concerns. It continues today. Those who feel made the apologists of the war claim today [still] to lead the movement. And, naturally, they have the support of the governments as of all the donors and philanthropists more and less disinterested who are the effieieux of the governments. There are certain intrigues in France which are directed towards the true pacifists, and, at the same time, between the Bureau of Berne; for the Bureau, if it has not answered to its mission, nevertheless represents an independent and truly international movement, which eherehent to destroy certain nationalist pacifists who stand on the inter-Allied level. The French Federation of Associations for the League of Nations, theoretical ment led by Monsieur Léon Bourgeois, filled with high officials and parliamentary personalities who were noticeably nationalist, in fact fell into the hands of M.M. Prudhommeaux, Ruyssen and Dumas, led by M. d'Estourneeles. This federation elected the pacifists who remained faithful to the peace during the war, and only admitted former supporters of the war "to the end". It aims to attract or to plant the Peace Societies and the Permanent Delegation of French Peace Societies. However legitimate its action may have been, the Bureau must therefore be supported.