Lillian D. Wald to Jane Addams, November 10, 1920

November tenth
Nineteen Twenty.

Beloved Lady,

It's just terrible not to telegraph "yes", for you know without my telling you that I would go to the end of the earth with my hand in yours and not care to peep over the horizon. But I can't for the life of me see the Irish Commission as depending upon me even in the smallest measure. If they were meeting in New York, I might attend hearings for my own satisfaction, and to exert such influence as might possibly come within my sphere. If the hearings are to be held in Washington, it will be difficult to get away for any length of time or with any frequency. Are you to be there all the time? Let me know just what your plans are, and whether the hearings are to be held in New York or in Washington.

Besides my real unhappiness at not being with you, when you ask me to be with you, I am sorry not to show my respect for the fine purpose of the Commission.


Miss Jane Addams,
Hull House,
800 South Halsted Street,
Chicago, ILL.

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