Fanny Garrison Villard to Jane Addams, March 21, 1920


Women's Peace Society

Dear Miss Addams: --

Mrs. [Constanze] Hohenemser of Frankfurt a/ main has just joined our society and she sends you this message:

"Will you be so kind as to ask that excellent lady, Jane Addams, not to cease helping us? If there is any justice to be had in this wretched world she will have it." She describes conditions as appalling, approaching the starvation point reached in 1916-1917. "The people are hungry everywhere and the wonder is that they do not enter our homes" [etc].

And now civil strife must have plunged Germany into still greater depths of misery.

How hopeless it seems to talk of peace and yet we must pursue it, if only to free our own souls! Would you be willing to write a leaflet for us of the length of the one I am enclosing? Perhaps you have something that we could use. We should be very grateful for it.

Most affectionately yours,

Fanny Garrison Villard

March 21, 1920.

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