Louise de Koven Bowen to Jane Addams, August 11, 1908


Aug. 11th 

Bar Harbor, Maine.

My dear.

Just about this time you are trying to think up a plan to prepare your departure for the effete East. And this is just to remind you to be firm. I really feel apologetic about getting you here for there is so little I can [page 2] do owing to my battered condition but my anxiety to have you seems to increase in proportion to my infirmities. I won't tell you that you need to rest for it has made me so provoked that I knew how it makes you feel, but do come and unless I hear [page 3] to the contrary will expect you on Monday morning the 17th at 8 a.m. and you will be here in time for breakfast. Your letters from Colorado sound hot. What a summer it has been. We are alone just now but a lot of young people came in Saturday among them deKoven's young woman. Are you going to [page 4] begin the checks for the July bills before you have or have them sent on.

Until Monday --

Yours Aff'ly

L. deKB.

Will you bring me a couple of Hull House ↑Year↓ Books? I have just in a check for Relief work.

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